All about celebrating your successes and failures

For those who know me, know that I am all about celebrating the achievements of others and my own.

Moreover, I'm also all about celebrating failures. Did a whole video about celebrating failure, watch below.

I love to congratulate people ( you included ) to the amazing work they are doing.

A lot of times we don't take time to acknowledge and reflect on our achievements.

We finish one goal and jump right to the next one without taking time to celebrate our victories no matter big or small.

This is a big deal for me, because each time we jump to the next task, action without giving time to reflect and celebrate, we start to see and forget how productive or sucessful we actually are during the day.

Moreover, we completely forgot that we are actually doing great.

Plus, that we are amazing.

So before you start watching the videos about celebration, I just want to say a few things.

Congratulations for the amazing work! You are awesome.

WATCH THE VIDEOs BELOW TO LEARN The benefits of celebration!

What are the benefits to celebrate your wins no matter big or small?


5 benefits of celebrating your wins

  1. The increase of happiness and motivation

  2. Grow faster as a person

  3. Develop a Successful Mindset

  4. Celebrating builds confidence

  5. Celebrating with others inspires & motivates others to

Why is it important to celebrate other's wins


3 reasons why celebrating others is vital

  1. Connects & builds new relationships for future success

  2. Motivates you to drive for your own personal success

  3. Kills the ego and helps to accept yourself

How to celebrate your small wins


Why is it important to celebrate your small victories?

  1. Appreciation is key

  2. Small actions are crucial to help you succeed with your end goals

  3. Help you acknowledge that you are actually a successful person

  4. Gain inspiration, momentum & motivation

How to celebrate & get aware of your small achievements.

  1. Take a piece of paper out

  2. write down 5 achievements of your day

  3. Reflect & acknowledge those 5 achievements

  4. Smile and be proud of yourself, you are a success

This will have the benefits of

  • making you feel more confident, motivated and inspired

  • help you realize that you are a Champion, a success

Moreover, think now about something you love to do that brings you joy and happiness.

Celebrate your 5 achievements with the one thing that brings you joy and happiness.

Repeat this daily and you will feel and actually realize that


Plus, let me tell you this

You are and will always be a success, a champion in your life, you just have to make it a habit to remember it daily.

What are the benefits of celebrating your failures


The benefits of celebrating failure

  1. At least you tried and gave your best shot

  2. You will learn and grow from it

  3. Focus on achieving, rather on failing



How do you like to celebrate your successes?

What are your thoughts around celebrating?