The Self-Care Project by Jayne Hardy

The Self-care Project by Jayne Hardy

Do you take care of yourself on a day-to-day basis?

If no, start reading the Self-Care Project by Jayne Hardy and your life will be changed.

This book will transform and awaken your inner self-care junky. (I am not kidding, it awaken mine.)

There will be no way back to your “old” life, where you didn't prioritize yourself and your needs.

I didn’t know that taking care of myself would be so empowering and inspirational to others too.

I used to be a mess when it came to taking care of my needs and myself.

I grow up in a culture, whereas a man you took care of others first. Your needs were not as important as the others.

It was selfish to focus on your needs and wants.

Which, if you really think about this limiting belief it’s completely absurd.

Jayne helped me realize that taking care of myself first is not selfish, its actually going to help me recharge my energies and inspire others to take care of themselves too.

I am leading by example.

As for those, who say self-care is selfish, aren’t those being selfish?

Moreover, the more you practice self-care the more you will discover that “Whatever feels right for you, is the name of the game.”


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Summary - The Self-care Project by Jayne Hardy teaches you all about the fundamental of self-care and the importance of it.

You will learn everything from why it is important to how to prioritize and plan self-care into your already busy life.

Moreover, Jayne even includes at the end of each chapter some self-care exercises, which most of them take less than 2 minutes to do.

You also discover how much an impact self-care had and still has in Jayne’s life.

Spoiler alert: Self-care played a major role when it came to her depression.

Writing - To be honest with you, when I was reading this book it felt like I was reading some high-quality blog post on a website. (That’s just my personal opinion.)

You are probably thinking.

“Well, is it still worth buying since it already feels like reading a bunch of blog posts about self-care?”

YES, IT IS ABSOLUTELY worth buying!

I am glad that she wrote and structured the book like this.

The Self-care Project has everything in it what you need to set you up for success when it comes to teaching you the fundaments of taking care of yourself.

Moreover, by doing the exercises at the end of each chapter you will start to discover the power and importance of self-care.

This was more than just a quick read or a book.

This is for me the bible of self-care.

(Okay, I confess, I am probably exaggerating a little bit.)

Highlights & Takeaways

Highlight 1 - The Law of Should

For those of you, who don’t know what the Law of Should means, let me share with you an extract of The Self-care Project, which Jayne explains it perfectly in my opinion.

“The Law of Should expects nothing short of perfection and we all know that there’s no such thing.

Which means that by living according to this law, we’re chasing our tails, living according to a ridiculous collection of rules made by others.

It leaves no room for anything other than self-judgment, self-criticism, and guilt.”

This extract of the book changed the way I use the word “should” in my day-to-day life.

You cannot let others and the Law of Should dictate your priorities and your needs.

I learned that self-care is actually an opportunity for you to recharge your energy so you can give back to others.

Plus, by taking care of yourself, you set a good example for others to do the same and take care of themselves without guilt.

Highlight 2 - Self-care is a non-negotiable

This was the chapter I needed to read in order to open my eyes to the importance of self-care.

It made me realize that taking care of yourself is non-negotiable.

Ever since that realization, I started to take care of myself.

Jayne helped me understand that self-care is not only for special days, but it’s for every single day.

Like she says in the book “make every day a self-care day”.

I don’t only preach it to everyone but also am living and taking care of myself every single day and let me tell you something.


Highlight 3- Emergency self-care

The chapter “Emergency self-care” blow my mind away.

Throughout the whole chapter, I was speechless.

I wasn’t expecting to see this kind of content.

What a great way to end a book by giving tons of steps and action steps to take when you are going through some specific tough times.

The emergency self-care chapter includes self-care practices for nearly everyone and everything.

My favorite one is the “Self-Care for Exhausted New Parents”.

I don’t have children; however, knowing that there is even a chapter for exhausted parents, who are going through a self-care crisis calms me down.

Don’t get me even started with the one for “Self-care for when we can’t sleep”.

I think you get what I am trying to say.


The Self-Care Project: How to let go of frazzle and make time for you


Jayne Hardy

“Jayne Hardy, Blurt’s Founder and Chief Executive, lost most of her twenties to depression.

At the height of her illness, she was unable to work, leave the house or even undertake the most basic acts of self-care – she lost a tooth because she didn’t feel worthy enough to clean them.

During this dark time, one of the things Jayne struggled with most was the feeling of isolation. She had cut herself off socially for fear of being a burden and found it extremely difficult to talk to loved ones about her depression because of a great deal of shame she felt. " Read more



This is without hesitation a 5 out of 5 rating. I cannot stop highlighting how much this book has changed my life and also everyone around me.

The Self-care Project is for everyone, who is looking for to learn everything about self-care and what it means to them.

Jayne is going to help you build the fundamental of self-care and teach you that whatever works and feels right for you, is the name of the game.

Now let’s talk about you

Have you read The Self-care Project?

If yes, what did you like about it? Why?

If no, what is your favorite personal development book?