UNFU*K YOURSELF by Gary John Bishop


If you are easily offended, this book isn’t for you.

However, if you are like me and you enjoy reading self-help books that are action focused and have a no bullshit approach then this book is totally for you.

Moreover, Unfuck Yourself will help you get that “conversational slap from the universe to wake you up to your true potential, to unfu*k yourself and get spectacularly into your life.”

Actually, during my read, I felt the conversational slap from the universe, which helped me to get out of my head and into my life.

Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt that much.

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Summary - Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop is about 7 positive assertions,

  1. I am willing

  2. I am wired to win

  3. I got this

  4. I embrace the uncertainty

  5. I am not my thoughts; I am what I do

  6. I am relentless

  7. I expect nothing and accept everything

which the author labels and breaks down and explains in a repetitive detail.

However, the repetitiveness of this book doesn’t take away how much it made an impact on my life and changed the way I perceive the world today.

This is a thought-provoking and action focused book.

Not only was Gary’s book a great read, but also was it for me a motivation to take action and get out of my head and into my life.

Writing style & Structure - Unfu*k Yourself was written in a way that made you want to read it more.

It was so good that I couldn’t stop reading.

I had to finish the chapter I was reading, but every time I finished a chapter I was so excited to read the next one.

You know it’s a great book when it’s 2 am and you are tired but you also want to keep reading.

I also enjoyed the writing style of Unfu*k Yourself.

A no bullshit, straight talking, easy language, and a fast read.

Not only was it filled with lots of wisdom, but it was also fun to read.

Sometimes I had to put the book aside cause I couldn’t stop laughing.

Probably, I share the same humor as Gary John Bishop. Who knows.

I am still impressed with how he managed to combine all this knowledge, powerful quotes and studies in 209 pages.

I am totally going to re-read it.

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Highlights & Takeaways

My favorite chapters of the book are

  • I am willing

  • I am wired to win

  • I am not my thoughts; I am what I do.

I am willing - This chapter helped me realize how many excuses I was coming up with not to do what was necessary to achieve my goals.

Gary helped me cut through all this crap and bullshit I was telling myself.

Unfu*k Yourself helped me admit to myself that I was not willing to do what was necessary to achieve my goals.

This one sentence is so powerful to me cause it stops me from failing and feeling like I am not doing enough.

Moreover, it stops me from having those negative and discouraging conversations with myself.

The fun part is when I admit to myself that I am not willing enough, there is this shift in my mindset and acceptance of my current self.

At the same time, I decide that I don’t want to be this person anymore and that I am ready to take action.

I am wired to win - No matter what you do, you are wired to win. One of the most powerful chapters I read this year so far.

I still remember how powerful this chapter felt to me.

It was so powerful that I through my book against my bed.

I never do that!

Moreover, this says a lot about how amazing this book is.

It opened my eyes and shifted my mindset around my definition of success in many ways.

Now, no matter what I do I feel like a winner even when I fail.

All the times when I didn’t succeed in life is because I told myself I will fail.

I went with the expectations to fail.

Guess what happened!

Spoiler Alert!

I failed.

Basically, I was right.

I proved myself that I would fail and it came true.

So if you think about it I am a winner, cause my expectation came true.

This was one of those moments when I stopped feeling like a failure.

No matter what you do you are wired to win.

Just think about it.

I am not my thoughts; I am what I do. The sentence says everything.

This chapter reminds me that no matter how much I tell myself that I am a positive person and to think positive, it’s not going to prove anything unless I take action.

This is a truth I live by.

You can tell yourself and others how a great friend, parent, soccer player, … you are; however, that doesn’t prove anything unless you take action.

If there is no action then it’s just a thought.

Gary not only tells you in his book that you are a fu*king miracle, but he also makes you feel like one.

My Advice to you

If you decide to buy Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop I would recommend you to take your time.

Every time you finish a chapter take your time to reflect on your life and the assertion.

I would also recommend you to apply each assertion in your life and see how it feels to embody and live by each one of them.

To be honest with you that’s where I experienced a major shift in my life when I started to take action upon those statements.

I not only started to experience more joy and happiness in life but also saw the power of getting out of your head and into your life


Overall, I enjoyed reading Unfu*k Yourself.

Gary helped me to uncover some truths about myself and cut the bullshit out of my thoughts and life, which made me become a more action focused person.

This is for sure a 5/5 Star book review. I totally recommend this to everyone, who enjoys reading self-help books with a no-bullshit and action focused approach.

Especially, those of you, who need to get out of their head and into their life.


Gary John Bishop began his life journey in Glasgow, Scotland. The grit and wit of his early life have contributed to his tough-love, in-your-face approach to coaching.

Coupled with world-class training and development, Gary has created a potent brew of effectiveness and the ability to reach through the crust of people's lives and root out the deeper issues that consume them and tie them to their hurdles.” Read full bio here.


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