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Be Honest With Yourself

-Do you often feel like life is happening to you, instead of for you?

-Are most of your decisions based on what is expected from you, rather than who you are and what you want?

-Have you been spending a lot of time putting the needs of others before yours?

-Are you overwhelmed with all those expectations and responsibilities you have through others?

-Is there a part of you that believes and hopes one day you will create and live your dreams?

The answers to most of those questions are 'yes', am I right?

You probably thinking right now “how is this possible that he knows what I am thinking.“ 

Okay, I have to be honest with you I totally understand how you feel because I've been there.


Hey, I'm Ivan

I used to feel overwhelmed with all those expectations and responsibilities I was given. I struggled to keep up with the fake smiles and the "perfect" life I created. It led me experience at the age of 16 a near-death experience and "my first mid-life-crises" at my 18th birthday. 

At that time I reached a point where I couldn't take it anymore. Moreover, I knew that I had to change or I'd do something I would regret for the rest of my life. 

I spent months working on myself, my mindset, inner blocks, reading self-help books, learning from mentors, getting to know myself and accepting my past for what it is an experience and an opportunity for growth.

I went from faking it and trying to live up to all those expectations, to walking the talk of enjoying every moment and living a fulfilled, purposeful life full of honesty, openness, trust in the process and myself.

I AM living my dreams & I want to help you live yours.


Fun Facts About Me:

I have a dream where... 

+ my Hogwarts letter finally arrives 

+ everyone could see themselves for who they truly are, unique & perfect in their own way!

+ Always up for a good laughter (love to watch comedy shows)

+ Celebration/Self-care meal: popcorn and alcoholic-free champagne with apple taste ( Try it out!)


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